about eye-spec

As a former design student I can’t help but appreciate beautifully made objects.  When those objects become practical solutions to an everyday problem, I just love them even more. When I found myself struggling to read the menu in a restaurant, with my arm refusing to extend any further, my quest for higly portable stylish folding reading glasses began!

I visited some of the busiest shopping hot spots around the world and scoured the net, but I couldn’t find anything that fitted my needs. So, after talking with some friends who also shared the same frustrations, I decided to start my own company to bring you a range of high quality, durable, beautifully designed, non prescription reading glasses...eye-spec was born.

With the exception of our eye-pod range our reading glasses fold up, fitting neatly into an eye-catching case allowing them to slip easily into a pocket or bag without the worry of the lenses getting damaged. All our glasses are great for people who love to travel, love sports or, who simply never want to find themselves in a difficult spot without being able to read.

Our sun range of foldable sunglasses and sun readers  feature high spec, UK crafted lenses. We've also introduced a collaboration with Amercian based eyewear design company, MySpex. The moment we saw their products we fell in love their Japanese Design eyewear, and couldn't wait to introduce them to our UK and European customers. 

Our ethos...great design, great quality, great value is at the heart of our company. To continue to develop our range, and maintain a high level of customer service we depend on your invaluable feedback. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at enquiries@eye-spec.com.

D Barnes