Our beautifully crafted folding reading glasses, sunglasses and sun readers focus on great design, quality and value.

Pocket friendly designs for men and women, offering a smart alternative to traditional reading glasses.

Explore our stylish collections today...and discover a design just for you.

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wright: Luxury Folding Reading Glasses With Italian Case & FREE Cleaning Cloth
Was: 26.63 Now: £24.00
eye-tech: Smart Folding Reading Glasses With Mini Travel Case Available In 8 Colour Choices
eye-tech trio: Handy Set of 3, In 9 Colour Choices, Great Design, Great Value!
eye-spy: Light Folding Glasses With Nifty Aluminium Case - Available in Graphite or Black
MySpex 114: Premium Japanese Designed Reading Glasses
eye-pocket XL: Smart Rimless Folding Glasses With Compact Case Available in 8 Colours
eye-slim: Ultra-Light, Slimline Reading Glasses With Sleek Metal Case
eye-look: Ultra Light Folding Spectacles With Aluminium Pocket Case
eye-pocket XL trio: 3 pairs of Folding Glasses, Ideal For People On The Go!
eye-pod trio: 3 Pairs of Slim, Light Reading Glasses Available in Graphite or Brown
eye-pod: Ultra Slim Innovative Design
 eye-pocket: Stylish Folding Rimless Reading Glasses Available in 8 colour options
eye-sight: Sleek Folding Glasses With Slim, Compact Case
bellini: Luxury Fold Flat Reading Glasses With Italian Crafted Case
breuer : Finely Crafted Black Frame Folding Reading Glasses With Italian Made Case
MySpex 72: Stylish Japanese Design, Semi-Rimless Fold Up Reading Glasses
MySpex 36: Finely Crafted Half Rimmed Foldable Glasses
MySpex 18-o: Luxury Designer Folding Glasses
MySpex 81: High Spec, Luxury Japanese Design
MySpex 102 (copper): Modern Japanese Fold-Up Design
MySpex 102 (pewter): Luxury Japanese Design
the tube: Folding Glasses with Robust, Waterproof Capsule & FREE Cleaning Cloth
piano: Luxury Folding Glasses With Italian Mini Case
eye-see: Highly Portable Fold-Up Glasses In Silver or Brown
rohe: Luxury Folding Glasses With Italian Crafted Travel Case
nelson: Luxury Foldable Sunglasses and Tinted Reading Glasses Travel Mini Case
rogers: Cool Folding Sunglasses & Sun Readers
gehry: Finely Crafted Folding Sunglasses & Tinted Reading Glasses
scott: Compact Travel Tinted Reading Glasses & Sunglasses
Was: 37.46 Now: £25.83
gaudi: Beautiful Tinted Reading Glasses & Sunlgasses
spy-sun blue: Neat, Innovative Folding Sun Readers and Sunglasses With Flip-Top Case
spy-sun: Compact & Ultra Light Tinted Folding Reading Glasses
sight-sun: Stylish Flat Folding Sunglasses and Sun Readers With Sleek Frames
jacobsen: Luxury Foldable Sunglasses & Tinted Readers With Italian Made Case
aalto: Stylish Gold Folding Glasses With Luxury Italian Travel Case
eye-spy duo (2 pairs): Fold Up Reading Glasses & Sun Readers - Ideal Travel Duo
mini:  Luxury Pocket Sized Case
Was: 8.33 Now: £8.33
SoHo-set (2 pairs): Stylish Folding Reading Sunglasses &  Pocket Glasses
Was: 55.75 Now: £47.46
hackney-set (2pairs): Two Distinctly Unique Designs
jet-set (2 pairs) : Compact Folding Deisgns...Ideal Travel Reading Glasses
Was: 28.25 Now: £20.84
dalston-set (2 pairs): Two Styles Of Compact Reading Glasses
eye-contact: Black Folding Reading Glasses With Leather Pouch
Was: 22.46 Now: £19.95
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