We specialise in folding reading glasses, sunlgasses and sun readers, offering a smart alternative to traditional reading glasses. Our compact, fold-up designs for men and women focus on great design, quality and value.

Explore our online emporium and discover the best in innovative, high quality foldable readers with pocket friendly cases. Carrying around bulky reading glasses no longer needs to be a chore...choose portable, practical great design instead.

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eye-line:  Stylish Slim Reading Glasses With Smart Metal Tube Case - Available in Black & Graphite
eye-pocket: Stylish Rimless Folding Reading Glasses Available in 8 colour options
eye-tech trio: (3 Pairs) Handy, Compact Reading Glasses In 9 Colour Choices- Great Value!
eye-tech: Folding Glasses With Compact Hard Case, Available In 8 Colour Choices
eye-slim: Sleek Slimline Reading Glasses With Smart Metal Case
MySpex 114: Finely Crafted Reading Glasses With Slimline Metal Case
eye-level: Stylish, Fold Flat Reading Glasses With Thin Case
Was: 24.96 Now: £20.79
eye-pocket XL: Smart, Rimless Folding Glasses With Compact Case - Available in 8 Colours
eye-pocket XL trio: Stylish Folding Glasses In A Handy 3 Pack Available In 7 Colour Choices
eye-spy: Ultra-light Folding Glasses With Metal Pocket Case - Available in Graphite or Black
piano: Premium Folding Glasses With Stylish Ultra-Light Frames & Pocket Friendly Case
wright: Luxury Folding Reading Glasses With Italian Case & FREE Cleaning Cloth
aalto: Stylish Gold Folding Spectacles With Luxury Italian Travel Case
Was: 24.96 Now: £19.96
eye-look: Ultra Light Foldable Spectacles With Metal Pocket-Sized Case
eye-pod: Ultra Slim Innovatively Designed Readers
eye-pod trio: 3 Pairs of Slim, Light Reading Glasses Available in Graphite or Brown
eye-see: Highly Portable Fold-Up Glasses In Silver or Brown
eye-sight: Slim Flat Folding Glasses With Sleek, Metal Case
sight-sun: Slimline Fold Flat Sunglasses and Sun Readers with Metal Case
scott: Luxe Folding Sunglasses & Sun Readers with Italian Crafted Case
jacobsen: Luxury Folding Sunglasses & Tinted Readers With Italian Travel Case
rogers: Luxury Folding Sunglasses & Sun Readers with Blue Tinted Lenses
gaudi: Premium Tinted Reading Glasses & Sunlgasses - Foldable, Space Saving Travel Glasses
gehry: Finely Crafted Foldable Sunglasses & Sun Readers
nelson: Stylish Black Framed Foldable Sunglasses and Reading Sunglasses
MySpex 36: Japanese Designed, Premium Half Rimmed Foldable Glasses
MySpex 81: Japanese Design Fold Up Reading Glasses & Robust Metal Travel Case
MySpex 18-o: Stylish Japanese Designed Folding Reading Glasses & Pocket Metal Case
Was: 58.29 Now: £53.29
MySpex 102 (pewter): Luxury Japanese Design Folding Reading Glasses & Metal Travel Case
MySpex 102 (copper): Japanese Design Fold-Up Reading Glasses & Robust Metal Travel Case
MySpex 72: Stylish Japanese Design, Semi-Rimless Fold Up Reading Glasses & Case
Was: 58.29 Now: £45.79
eye-spy duo (2 pairs): Fold Up Reading Glasses & Sun Readers - Ideal Travel Duo
spy-sun: Compact Tinted Folding Glasses & Sunglasses - Ideal For Your Pocket
spy-sun blue: Tinted Sunglasses & Reading Glasses with Metal Pocket Case - Ideal For Travel
bellini: Luxury Fold Flat Reading Glasses With Italian Crafted Case
breuer : Finely Crafted Black Frame Folding Reading Glasses With Italian Made Case
eye-contact: Black Folding Reading Glasses With Leather Pouch
mini:  Luxury Pocket Sized Folding Glasse Case
Was: 8.33 Now: £8.33
rohe: Luxury Folding Glasses In A Stylish Graphite Finish & Italian Made Pocket Friendly Case
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